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The Vistria Group Releases 4th Annual Impact Report

The Vistria Group, a purpose driven investment firm, has released its 2021 Impact Report, further demonstrating the firm’s commitment to advancing impact alongside growth across healthcare, education and financial services, investment verticals selected for their rich impact potential.

Applying capitalism with purpose to deliver exceptional growth and returns, support and create quality jobs, and contribute solutions to support critical societal gains is a key component of The Vistria Group’s founding investment strategy. This is The Vistria Group’s 4th Annual Impact Report to measure its progress on impact and is a tradition the company will continue, even as it has moved toward more regular, real-time updates for investors on its practices.

“Capitalism is the greatest economic invention in history. It’s the driver of innovation, prosperity and freedom. America, for all its challenges, offers opportunities that are available nowhere else in the world,” said Senior Partner and Co-CEO Marty Nesbitt. “But capitalism itself is an invention of humankind. We created it, and we can change it for the better. Together, we can evolve to a smarter, moral capitalism that delivers exceptional growth, jobs and returns alongside a broader set of critical societal gains, all while serving an inclusive and diverse set of stakeholders.”

The report released today shows the significant investments The Vistria Group is making in its impact strategy. This includes additional resources and expertise dedicated to measuring how the firm and its portfolio companies are doing on improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), as well as commitments to address climate priorities as a part of its portfolio management program.

“While impact has been a part of everything we do since day one, there is a clear and growing mandate for the private sector to meet this moment and play a broader role in addressing global challenges with solutions that scale,” explained Kip Kirkpatrick, Senior Partner and Co-CEO. “We have an incredible opportunity to remake our economy, industries and society in a more sustainable and equitable way by focusing both on strong corporate conduct as well as investing in businesses that are responding to societal needs with products and services that scale impact and value.”

The Vistria Group’s portfolio supports more than 108,000 employees, 79 percent of whom are female and 53 percent of whom are racial or ethnic minorities. In the past year, The Vistria Group’s healthcare portfolio served more than 1.82 million patients, a 20 percent increase over 2020. The firm’s education portfolio served more than 20.6 million students, a 24 percent increase over 2020.

“There is an undeniable link between a robust impact program, meaningful returns for our LPs, and positive outcomes for our communities. That’s why we will continue to put resources behind impact measurement and reporting as our firm grows,” said Jon Samuels, Partner and Head of Impact.

Watch Kip and Marty dive deeper into the key themes behind The Vistria Group’s impact strategy, portfolio, and team.

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