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The Vistria Group Featured in PE Hub’s Healthcare Firm Spotlight

Chicago, IL, April 28, 2022 — The Vistria Group was recently featured in PE Hub as part of its ongoing series profiling private equity firms that are investing in healthcare. PE Hub spoke to Amy Christensen, Partner and Co-Head of Healthcare; Jon Maschmeyer, Senior Partner and Co-Head of Healthcare; and David Schuppan, Senior Partner and Co-Head of Healthcare for the profile, which focused on The Vistria Group’s mission to deliver significant financial returns while having a positive impact on communities and organizations across America.

“Our focus on making an impact and investing at that intersection of profit and purpose has resonated with the types of companies that we’re looking to invest behind – the ones that want to provide access to great quality care in a cost-effective way and are looking for a partner that’s aligned with that passion and vision,” Christensen said.

Within the healthcare sector, The Vistria Group focuses on themes centered around health access, value and/or social equity opportunities and challenges. “These tend to be sectors that are extremely fragmented, very inefficient, and often are consolidating or professionalizing while they’re innovating,” Schuppan said, adding that based on the firm’s portfolio, the firm is a broad-based healthcare investor and that is intentional. “We believe strongly that the breadth and depth of perspective within healthcare – across healthcare providers, payers, technology, to life sciences as well as health-care focused education and financial services, gives us an edge in creating value.”

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated trends that The Vistria Group had already identified on the horizon, which ultimately has helped it drive innovation and implement creative solutions across its portfolio. “Because of the breadth of our portfolio, not just on the healthcare team, but across the entire investment team, we quickly saw the impact of COVID and were able to pivot,” said Maschmeyer. Through the pandemic, the firm has grown stronger and continues to build on current trends and identify emerging themes.

“Our business model is well positioned for an inefficient marketplace like today’s middle market,” said Schuppan. “We think our value creation program is well situated for management’s needs in today’s complex and shifting market. Whether we are facilitating strategic relationships, executive talent or proprietary growth, our program and operating partners help our management partners access and optimize those relationships and opportunities.”

The Vistria Group’s recent healthcare investments include Beacon Specialized Living and Professional Health Care Network in 2022 and BioCare, Inc., HomeCare Holdings and Homefree Pharmacy Services in 2021.

About The Vistria Group
The Vistria Group is a Chicago-based next generation private investment firm that operates at the intersection of purpose and profit. The Vistria Group partners with middle-market businesses in Healthcare, Education and Financial Services that are passionate about growth and committed to the community. Its decision to invest in these areas is driven by its belief in companies producing scalable social value. The Vistria Group’s team is comprised of highly experienced operating partners and investment professionals with proven track records of working with management teams in building innovative, market-leading companies.

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