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The Vistria Group Announces Strategic Partnership With Leading Literacy Firm, Really Great Reading

Chicago, IL, December 19, 2022 — The Vistria Group announced a strategic partnership with Really Great Reading (“RGR”), a national, leading provider of scientifically-aligned literacy curriculum for students in grades pre-K through high school.

Headquartered in Maryland, RGR develops supplemental educational curriculum focused on foundational literacy. RGR serves more than 600,000 students and 40,000 teachers in all 50 states. Co-founded in 2005 by CEO Scott DeSimone, RGR offers structured literacy programs through a suite of instruction, assessment, practice and professional development products that help educators align their daily practices with evidence-based reading methods.

“Our core mission is to help students learn to read through proven strategies that empower teachers in the classroom,” DeSimone said. “I’m excited to partner with The Vistria Group to reach new, underserved markets and to impact the lives of more children by helping them become proficient readers.”

“Our partnership with RGR further represents The Vistria Group’s founding thesis of identifying and supporting partners and programs that are driving outcomes in education,” said Philip Alphonse, Senior Partner and Co-Head of Knowledge & Learning at The Vistria Group. “RGR is a pioneer in this space with a robust digital curriculum that more school districts should be adopting. We’re thrilled with the opportunity to partner with Scott and continue its mission.”

A decline in literacy rates and a growing gap in reading proficiency, as exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to an increased focus on literacy curriculum across the nation. Through this investment, The Vistria Group will work alongside DeSimone and the management team at RGR to expand their market presence into more states and school districts, with the goal to achieve better outcomes for students and greater opportunities for teachers.

“Our goal is to ensure the next generation of students is equipped for the future,” said Yash Kandoi, Principal of Knowledge & Learning at The Vistria Group. “These are products that not only open doors for kids but ease them toward a crucial benchmark that will impact the rest of their lives — reading proficiency.”

The Vistria Group’s investment represents the tenth deal officially closed in Vistria Fund IV. Under the agreement, The Vistria Group has partnered with private equity firm VSS Capital (“VSS”) in the transaction.

About The Vistria Group
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About Really Great Reading
Really Great Reading is a leader in the Science of Reading Movement, and an educational content provider of foundational and supplemental literacy skills to primary and secondary grades with a focus on phonics, vocabulary, decoding and fluency. The company has a comprehensive suite of products that include instruction, assessment and professional development that help educators teach the foundational skills that lead to strong decoding and fluent reading.

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