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Impact Report 2022

Focused on scale and institutionalizing investment for impact, Vistria’s Impact Report highlights decisive actions taken to drive positive outcomes for its portfolio companies, and the lives and livelihoods they support.

The Vistria Group (“Vistria”) today released its latest annual Impact Report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the firm’s impact strategy and how impact is integrated into each portfolio company.

“We are committed to delivering outsized returns that contribute critical, high quality solutions to public sector challenges,” said Marty Nesbitt, Senior Partner and Co-CEO. “During the past year, we have put our Flagship Fund IV to work and continued to expand our team and capabilities with a focus on catalyzing impact. At a moment of major demographic change and ongoing inequities in the United States, Vistria remains committed to leveraging its nearly $10 billion in assets under management* to bridge the gaps in our healthcare, knowledge and learning solutions, and financial systems while delivering meaningful returns for our investors.”

KipKip Kirkpatrick, Senior Partner and Co-CEO commented, “We continue to make significant strides in addressing the current shortfalls in our society – through access to high-quality education, especially for nontraditional learners, critical treatment for populations battling addiction, and advancing financial capability and opportunity – by incorporating impact at every stage of our investment lifecycle. Now more than ever, we believe there is a tremendous opportunity and mandate to leverage private capital to rebuild an economic system that serves all and can respond dynamically to the challenges ahead.”

As illustrated throughout the report, Vistria’s portfolio is advancing impact alongside financial growth across healthcare, knowledge and learning solutions, and financial services. Key metrics highlighted in the report, as well as in the infographic below, include**:

  • Vistria’s portfolio companies support more than 185,000 employees. Around 75% of full-time employees supported are female and 56% are racially or ethnically diverse.
  • In the past year, Vistria’s healthcare portfolio served more than 12.6 million patients, growing nearly seven-fold over 2021.
  • The firm’s education portfolio served approximately 40.9 million students, nearly doubling over 2021.
  • Vistria’s financial services portfolio served over 21,000 small businesses, growing steadily since the firm’s inception in 2013.

“Measurement and management of impact has been core to Vistria’s value creation strategy since its founding and we continue to upgrade our integration and reporting capabilities,” said Mackenzie Turner, Director of Impact and Policy.

“We believe that impact gives us an edge in achieving outsized financial outcomes for our investors,” said Jon Samuels, Partner and co-Head of Vistria, Portfolio Resources Group (PRG), the team built to accelerate and enhance strategy execution and value creation across Vistria’s portfolio. “We continue to see that our investment thesis can deliver attractive returns for our investors while strengthening our portfolio companies, and the communities they support.”

Download the 2022 Vistria Impact Report
For more highlights and to access a PDF version of the full 2022 Impact Report, please visit

The password to access the report is TVGimpact2022. Please note that at this time, the 2022 Impact Report is not public. Vistria requests that you do not distribute this report or password externally.

*Assets under management represents the amount committed to Vistria Fund, LP, Vistria Fund II, LP, Vistria Fund III, LP, Vistria Fund IV, LP and Vistria Senior Credit Fund. AUM also includes the amounts invested by co-investors investments, excluding co-investment from other private-equity funds that have significant ownership in a portfolio company. Data as of June 2022.

**Metrics as of August 2022 reflect varied portfolio company reporting periods. Estimates are inherently uncertain and subject to change. Actual results may vary.

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