A New Vision for Investing in America

In 2013, our team gathered to articulate our core beliefs, envisioning a new kind of investment firm. We documented these ideas, intending for them to serve as our internal constitution. We take pride in its durability and relevance as we look to the next decade of growth for our firm and the economy.

The American economy needs growth. We believe investment firms like ours can help it achieve that growth. We also think a new era of responsible investing needs to start.

Too often, private investors have focused on returns gained solely through financial engineering that generate returns for investors alone, at the expense of entrepreneurs, employees, and society. In our opinion, this is unnecessary and a short-sighted view. We believe our firm has the potential to drive success that is meaningful to all stakeholders by delivering strong returns for investors, accelerated growth for portfolio companies, a good standard of living for employees, active citizenship for communities, and, most importantly, significant job creation.

America, for all of its challenges, offers opportunities that are available nowhere else in the world. Making American companies more competitive is a recipe for growth and prosperity.

Competitiveness ultimately hinges on making working Americans more productive, and it requires the application of intellectual capital as well as financial capital.

Our firm will invest in businesses and industries that are strategically important to the global competitiveness of the United States, where the U.S. can be a leader and, at the same time, grow meaningful jobs. We believe our domain expertise in these highly regulated industries will create a distinctive competitive advantage for investors. We also believe our multi-dimensional perspective delivers a unique combination of financial expertise, operating know-how, and industry thought leadership. We will help portfolio businesses transform themselves and achieve significant market share, creating a positive impact on the industries in which they participate as well as their growth and profitability.

We believe that the competitiveness issue must be addressed in the halls of national policy, the C-suite, and on the shop floor. We are determined to be active and engaged in all three. As we engage in our targeted industries, our portfolio businesses and investors will benefit from our diversity of insight, which encompasses government, education, entrepreneurship, investment, and management experience. Put simply, in an increasingly complicated and regulated world, we will help middle market companies navigate the uncertain waters they travel every day. We believe our unique combination of experience and focus will help middle-market companies reach heights they never dreamed possible.

Our Limited Partners are an important part of our firm’s diverse mix of insight. These experienced owners will be capable of providing advisory council, as well as financial input. They will bring global perspective and expertise in our targeted sectors, delivering an added dimension of value for portfolio companies. Our Limited Partners demand outsized returns but desire and want meaningful impact on the United States economy. We are committed to being a trustworthy partner. We will be flexible and creative in how we partner with management and investors, yet consistent in our standards for doing so.

We are committed to integrity, authenticity, transparency, honesty, and thoughtfulness. Our diverse teams work well with investors and with each other.

– Vistria Founding Partners, 2013

This “New Vision for Investing in America” is reflective of The Vistria Group’s goals and aspirations with respect to investing and was created in 2013 by The Vistria Group’s founding partners. Certain statements made herein reflect the subjective views and opinions of the Vistria Group and its founding partners. Such statements cannot be independently verified and are subject to change.


America, for all of its challenges, offers opportunities that are available nowhere else in the world. Making American companies more competitive is a recipe for growth and prosperity.”

Vistria Founding Partners, 2013